Registered Counsellor
PRC 0033839
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Individual Therapy

One-on-one therapeutic relationship - safe, caring, and confidential environment to explore challenges or experiences

Focus Groups

Interactive and participating environment with a group of individuals that is monitored and safe



A dedicated, mindful and caring registered counsellor, with the ability to work with a variety of individuals with various backgrounds, cultures, traumatic experiences, etc. As a registered counsellor, I am able to offer support and guidance to individuals within challenging situations or that has experienced traumatic situation(s). This ranges from being able to assist children to adults. I am able to empathise well with individuals while having an objective and realistic approach to treatment, with the individual's best interest in mind. Further, I hold the capacity to be able to work within a community setting(s) as well as one-on-one therapeutic sessions


N1 City Mews, Block B, Unit B6, Manus Gerber Road, Goodwood

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